Meet Ms. Lorena Esteve: Our Amazing Student Teacher from Spain

From September to December, we had the pleasure of having Ms. Lorena Esteve as a student teacher at our school. She brought a wonderful energy and made a big impact on both students and teachers.
Ms. Esteve is not just a great teacher; she’s also caring and talented. She worked well with our teachers, always ready to lend a helping hand and make lessons interesting.
What makes Ms. Esteve even more special is her love for arts. She shared her creative side with us, making classes more fun and engaging. Students loved her vibrant teaching style.
But it’s not just about teaching for Ms. Esteve; she also made great friends during her time here. Her friendly and warm personality made our school a welcoming place.
As Ms. Esteve finishes her training, we want to say a big thank you. She’s left a positive mark on our school, and we wish her all the best in her teaching journey. Adiós, Ms. Esteve, and thank you for a memorable time! (Ms. Eunice)