Summer School

We closed applications to the Summer School 2022. We are very happy to have a lot of applications this year too.

Summer School 2022 Application Second round is now Open!

We are very excited that we have as many applications as before before the first round. We have some seats available please check below and apply today!
Note: We updated the cancellation and refund policy.
Due date for the second round application is May 27, 2022 and the results will be mailed and informed by June 17, 2022.

Available seats and weeks

Kinder Class
(Preschoolers age 3-6)
Lower Primary
(Grade 1 and 2)
Middle and Primary
(Grade 3-6)
Junior Class
(Grade 7, 8 and 9)
Week 1 10 seats available a few about 10 seats
Week 2 about 5 seats
Week 3 about 5 seats
Week 4 about 5 seats about 15 seats about 10 seats

Note: Extended Childcare is not available for the second round applications.

About Summer School

It is our pleasure to present you with our “fun” and “academic” Summer Camp. Students will be making friendships with children/others from all over the world in an English environment. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in joining our regular program as many of our summer classes are taught by our regular teachers. For those of you who like to learn Japanese, this can be the best chance to make Japanese friends!!

See our Summer Camp past year!

Program Details

Grade/Class Level Class Level
Kinder Class: preschoolers (age 3-6)
Lower Primary: Grade 1 and 2
Middle Primary: Grade 3 and 4
Upper Primary: Grade 5 and 6
Junior Class: Grade 7,8, and 9
Schedule Week-1:July 18th (Mon.) – July 22rd (Fri.)
Week-2:July 25th (Mon.) – July 29th (Fri.)
Week-3:August 1nd (Mom.) – August 5th (Fri.)
Week-4:August 8th (Mon.) – August 12th (Fri.)
* Students can register weekly. Participation does not have to be consecutive. Students can enjoy program activities regardless of the length of participation as the theme and the content of the classes are different each week.
Time 9:30 – 14:30 (lunch time included)
Class Size 10 – 15 students / class(Min. number of students per class will be 7)
Fee 1 week → All levels: ¥ 60,000
2 weeks → All levels: ¥ 120,000
3 weeks → All levels: ¥ 180,000
4 weeks → All levels: ¥ 240,000
* Lunch and school bus services are available at additional charges.
Lesson All classes are managed and taught by a native English speaker. A Japanese assistant is available for Kinder and Primary classes. The language of education is entirely in English, and lessons are organized with many fun activities incorporating various subject concepts, such as Math, Science, Social Studies, International Studies, Art, PE, etc.

Application Deadline:

April 22rd, 2022 (Second round: May 27th, 2022)

Application Procedure:

  • Fill out an application form, attach a photo, and send it by regular mail or email( to the school by the deadline. Please also place a school bus and a lunch request on the application form. If there is an exceeding number of school bus applicants, they will be chosen for seats in the preference of younger students. Most communication for the Summer School Program will be by emails. Please make sure to register a smart phone mail or house mail on your application.
  • The results will be sent to the parents by mail on May 14th. If not accepted, students will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted when any cancellation occurs.
  • Once payment of fees is confirmed, we will send a “Registration Confirmation Letter” and a “Program Guide” by mail.