Earthquake Drill

In the interest of keeping the Columbia community safe and prepared, Columbia working with the local fire and police departments regularly holds emergency drills such as fire drills, intruder drills, and earthquake drills.
On a cold Friday morning in January with the support of the Saitama fire department Columbia held a combined earthquake fire drill.
When the earthquake alarm sounded students were directed by teachers and over the public announcement system to shelter under their desks. Twenty seconds after the shaking stopped they were directed to quickly and quietly evacuate the building.
The fire department was very impressed by the actions of our students and encouraged our students to practice safe behaviors.
The kinder and elementary students had to make their way through a tent full of smoke by staying low and covering their mouths with a handkerchief before they could head back to class.
Great job everyone! Let’s continue to work together to keep all of us safe.
(Barrie McCliggott Principal)