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Starting school is an exciting time in your child’s life. Columbia International School is proud to offer an English-based kindergarten program that establishes a strong foundation for learning in the early years for students four and five years old. At Columbia International School, your child is entering an environment that values the uniqueness of each child and the diversity of all its learners. In a safe and caring learning environment teachers work to promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of every child to ensure he or she is successful at school. Cradled in the “whole child” philosophy our kindergarten offers a healthy and safe learning environment where each child while actively engaged in their own learning process, is supported and challenged to reach their highest potential. Caring and experienced teachers provide opportunities for growth in six major areas: Personal and Social Development, Language, Mathematics, Science and technology, Health and Physical Activity, and the Arts.


This is an exciting time for your child and we want you to be an active part of this wonderful experience.


Parents are welcomed to get involved in their child’s education and the many activities of the greater school community. With all of us working together we can create a wonderful and rewarding learning experience for all our young learners.


If you are interested in giving your child a head start by establishing a strong foundation for learning in a multi- cultural environment I encourage you to review the links below or give us a call at 0429-46-1911. By doing this, you will be on the path to providing your child with a rewarding and successful school experience.


  • Ms S. McCague

    Ms. K. Graczkowska

    Homeroom: K1/K2/L3

  • Ms. K. Maruyama

    Ms. K. Maruyama

    Teacher Assistant

School Calendar

Spring Term / April – June

Apr. Entrance Ceremony
May Midterm evaluation, Parent conferences
School field trip
Jun. Final evaluation
Canada Day

Summer Holidays / July – August

Jul. Summer School

Fall Term / September – November

Sep. Term start
Oct. Sports day
Midterm evaluation, Parent conferences
Nov. Final evaluation

Winter Term / December – March

Dec. Term start
Christmas Fiesta
Jan. Midterm evaluation
Feb. Parent conferences, School field trip
Mar. Final evaluation
Graduation CeremonySee
Guidance oversea trip


Ms. N (A parent of an Elementary student)

I chose Columbia International School for my daughter’s education because of the school philosophy, safe and happy environment and how teachers treat students were my top priorities. What I found about CIS was
1. Teachers were all full of passion and serious about education, and the school puts the importance on “The whole child education” approach.
2. Teachers and staff were very kind to those parents who did not speak and understand English
3. Classrooms and bathrooms were clean and safe.
These were the reasons why I decided to send my daughter to CIS.


On the first day, my daughter came back home crying and saying “I couldn’t understand what the teachers were saying.” then she didn’t want to go to school on the second day. But on the third day she stopped crying and in a half year or so she couldn’t wait for Mondays as she wanted to go to school every day. I found her using the language for daily communication. I as a parent also met good parents and we share concerns and experience with each other and found my school life very valuable too.
The best thing I like about CIS is that my child could build the language skills through using it in real communication and it happened very naturally. Teachers watch and care for students very professionally and help us guide to a better direction. This was something more than I expected and I am very happy about it.
It is not common in Japan where we can experience western education on a daily basis. CIS have been giving us opportunities and experience that we can’t have at other schools and it has to be NOW for my daughter.
I am confident and have no hesitate to say CIS can be one of the best options.

Admissions for Kindergarten

After School Care(ASC)

ASC(After School Care)

Columbia International School provides an after-school care program to help out working parents or others who are unable to pick up their children(K-G6) immediately after classes. ASC maintains a safe and comfortable environment for children’s quiet and independent study.

Kindergarten classes at Columbia International School are registered as an unlicensed childcare facility in Tokorozawa City.