School Life

The campus of Columbia International School stretches over a nature-rich suburban area which is 20kms to the north-west of Shinjuku, the hub of Tokyo. Currently, we have 3 buildings filled with the youthful energy of our students. The enriching campus of the school has 2 gymnasiums, a playing field, computer and sciences labs art rooms.
Columbia International School currently enrolls 250 students in Kindergarten through grade 12. Columbia possesses a diverse student body with presently more than 21 different nationalities, many returnees, and dual ethnicity children. Many of the students come from other areas of Asia as local or on student visas and the school provides them with its excellent dormitory. Many of its students though are Japanese some entering at the kindergarten level or join us at grade 1 from other international kindergartens. Also, many students come from the regular Japanese system at various grades supported by our excellent ESL program. This multicultural mix of students brings different cultural, religious, and life experiences which provides an excellent environment for fostering a sense of global interdependence and responsibility.
The Columbia International School dormitory that was built in March 2000 is located about an 8-minute walk from the campus. The dorm offers boarding students’ both girls/boys with safe and comfortable living experience. The modern three-story building was built with keeping comfort and safety in mind. It provides an excellent environment for students to study and share their school experience.