Welcome to Columbia International School! It is my pleasure to extend a warm greeting to all students, their families, and our faculty and staff!


Columbia International School offers motivated students a safe and healthy learning environment where in small classes each individual student is actively engaged in their learning process. In technology and resource rich classrooms, dynamic and highly qualified teachers support and challenge students to understand the changing world around them. Our teachers incorporate the healthy whole-child concept, recognizing that social and emotional development along with academic progress is essential for each child. Columbia international School also provides students with opportunities to become involved in many aspects of school life, including social and cultural events, community events and extracurricular activities. These experiences will enable students to develop skills as responsible global citizens and as leaders within our school and our extended school community. I urge you to take full advantage of the many wonderful opportunities, experiences and advice that will be available to you at Columbia International School. Let Columbia International School’s 21st century learning open up the world for you.


Columbia International School uses the curriculum of the Province of Ontario, Canada, one of the most advanced and respected educational systems in the world to explore the world around them. Our school effectiveness and improvement frameworks and our regular Canadian and WASC certification processes along with tremendous support from our parent’s organization ensure our ongoing development as a learning community. All teachers are involved in continuous learning through Columbia International School’s professional learning circles. Our wireless one-to-one laptop environment allows both teachers and students to access the latest information and learning strategies. Our goal is to create a fun, challenging and supportive lifelong learning environment that allows our students to develop an appreciation of different cultures and perspectives as well as possess superior communication skills and an excellent command of the English language and to have the knowledge and skills to be successful global citizens in the 21st century.


If this sounds like the educational environment you would like to be part of, then I urge you to explore the information contained in this website and to make a sound decision for your child. Please feel free to contact the school for any additional information or to schedule a visit. We look forward to learning together with you.

CIS Principal
Barrie McCliggott

Mission Statement

The Mission of Columbia International School

Columbia fosters the personal growth of each student, instills a sense of social awareness and encourages respect for achievement. The school strives to develop powers of critical and creative thought, preparing its students both for demands of post-secondary education in English speaking universities and life as international people. Recognizing the importance of personal development and self-esteem for success in life, the school provides students with varied opportunities for achievement and personal fulfillment through academic studies and other extra-curricular pursuits.