Dec 09

Winter Fiesta Volunteer Support Request!!

Dear Alumni,


Columbia International School and the PTSA are looking for some Alumni to volunteer for duties on the event day.  The event will be on December 15th Sunday!  Please check here for more details;

Respond to this email to let me know you can volunteer!


Thank you,

Chris Holland
School Office
Columbia International School

Nov 28

First of a Series – Messages from Alumni

Marika Yamaura (2006-2007 Graduate) went on to Queen’s University

I clearly remember my first step into this school, full of hope and a little worry. I cannot believe that was only two years ago. Time flies by! The last two years have been irreplaceable for me. Having fun with my friends, school trips with everyone, and enjoyable but hard classes… these are my unforgettable experiences in CIS. My motives for choosing CIS were to learn English and make my dreams come true. However, sometimes people feel lost without having dreams. Even if you don’t have dreams now, that’s OK because you will find something important through your CIS life! Here’s a tip for you to have an awesome time in this school. If you want to find something, you have to be active and work hard. Please work hard! Just try your best.

Your teachers will see your hard work, and they’ll give you more chances. Please take chances to better yourself. One of the teachers said to me, “Keep working hard and you will succeed at anything”. This word remains in my mind and gives me power. We’ve got such nice teachers here! As you go through school life, you must feel something in your heart which words cannot describe, but gives you satisfaction.

That’s the irreplaceable thing which you’ll get at CIS. Here is the place for you to find your new self.

山浦 未里加 (2007年3月卒業) クィーンズ大学

入学したときのことははっきり憶えています。「full of hope and a little worry=希望に満ち少し不安」でした。たった2年前だなんで信じられません。Time flies by! – 光陰矢の如し – ですね。 この2年間はわたしにとって「irreplaceable=イリプレイサブル=かけがえない」ものとなりました。 たくさんの友だち、みんなで行ったスクールトリップ、そして楽しくてハードな授業。すべてがmy unforgettable experiences in CIS=コロンビアでの忘れられない体験です。 私がコロンビアに進学しようと思った動機はもちろん英語を学びたかったからですが、 「make my dreams come true=夢を実現したい」と思ったからでもあるんです。However,しかしながら人はよく夢を持つことを忘れてしまいます。もしみなさんが今はまだ夢を持っていなくても問題ありません。なぜなら「you will find something important through your CIS life! =みなさんはコロンビアでの学校生活で大切な何かを見つける!」からです。

この学校には、みなさんにとって「an awesome time=荘厳な時間」を過ごす「旅」があります。その「何か」を見つけたいのなら「active and work hard」に意欲的にそして一生懸命に勉強をすることが大切です。Please work hard! Just try your best. ぜひ「ワーク・ハード=一生懸命に勉強しましょう」そして「トライ・ユア・ベスト=精一杯やってみよう」! 先生方はみなさんの勉強ぶりを見て、「chances=チャンス」をたくさん与えてくださるでしょう。ぜひそのchances=チャンスを自分自身の成長に生かしてください。

一人の先生が私に話してくださいました。”Keep working hard and you will succeed at anything” . 「一生懸命に努力を続けなさい、そうすればどんなことでも成功できるでしょう」と。この言葉は私の心に深く残り、そして「gives me power=私にパワーを与え」てくれました。私たちはこの学校でこんなにも「nice teachers=素晴らしい先生方」を得ています。

学校生活を過ごしながら、みなさんの心で「cannot describe=言葉では言い表せない」場合でもみなさんに「satisfaction=満ち足りた喜び」を与えてくれる「何か」をfeel something=感じてください。「何か」、それはコロンビアであなたが得るであろう「the irreplaceable thing=かけがえのないもの」です。ここはみなさんが新しい自分に出会える場所です。Here is the place for you to find your new self.

Nov 13

Columbia International School’s Eiken Hosting

Thank you to all the Alumnae who came to Eiken to help and work on the 11th at Columbia International School’s Tokorozawa campus.  Keep up the good work and drop us a comment or two sometimes and let us know how you are all doing!

Nov 13

Columbia International School joins the Canadian Embassy Study Abroad Fair

Dear Alumnae,

Thank you for your participation, support and efforts towards spreading the news about Columbia International School, our wonderful programs and your experiences with us during your time here.  We believe that our alumnae truly work hard towards promoting and we would like to see many many more of you come out.  let’s work together for Columbia’s bright future!

Jun 11

The Alumni BBQ 2012

Reminder to all CIS Alumni!!  The BBQ will be held on Saturday, July 7th.  Starting at 11am.

Apr 05

The Alumni BBQ 2011

Hey Everyone,
Glad to see people are starting to use the new blog.  We hope you may find chances to visit the school and campus.  Hope you can volunteer or if possible give speeches to current students letting them know about your past CIS experiences and what you are doing now.
Anyway, about the BBQ!!.

The BBQ will be held at the Higashi Tokorozawa campus on the 1st Saturday of July.  That is the 2nd for those who need a calendar.
More posts with further info will come soon.  If you can try to click on the RSS link to register to get these blogs automatically.

Jan 30

Hello CIS Community!

Welcome to CIS Alumnae site!