Intruder Drill

On Thursday, September 21st and September 29th, students and staff at CIS participated in intruder drills.
A member of the Saitama Prefecture Police Department, pretending to be an intruder, entered the school building and was confronted by staff members.
Announcements were made to alert everyone in the building and students quickly hid in safe locations.
Teachers used the new safety buzzers, barricaded their rooms, and armed themselves with chairs in case the “intruder” came to their classroom.
The “intruder” was quickly contained by staff members and escorted out of the building by police officers who had arrived on the scene.
After the drill was over everyone gathered in the gym for a discussion about safety.
The Saitama Prefecture Police Department praised students for listening to their teachers’ instructions very well and talked to students about how to stay safe – not only at school but also in other situations (such as walking home).
Intruder drills, like fire and earthquake drills, are important so that if these situations ever do happen, students and staff alike are prepared and know what they need to do to STAY SAFE. (Ms. Amanda)