Sports Day

“When I say “Sports”, you say “Day”!” came the cry from Mr. Denard as we started our annual Sports Day festivities with the Green Gators, Red Rhinos, Blue Bulldogs, and the Yellow Jackets (a new addition this year) all competing for the championship! After being rained out on our original Sports Day we enjoyed a warm sunny day of activities on Saturday, October 14th.
The first event was cheering started off with a special cheer from our Kinder class. The excitement grew as each class cheered louder and louder to support their team and impress the parents and judges! Next was the Hurricane Pole which requires each member of the team to be active and paying attention for the whole race. It was a tight battle in all races and each team worked together well. The next activity was the ball sweep. The parents were invited to join in this game and many laughing voices could be heard as parents struggled to sweep their tennis balls around the cone! The last event before lunch was the individual races which were preceded by the Kiddy race. The individual races saw students giving their all trying to push to their limits to win their race.
After lunch there was a new event that got everyone on the team working together; parents and children, to fill up their bucket with as much water as possible. I think the sponge race will be back again next year as it was a fun challenge.
The next event was a Sports Day classic, “Balls in the Basket” We saw some of the biggest numbers ever recorded with the top team reaching as many as 50 balls in the basket!
Next was the Tug-o-war which requires not only strength, but teamwork to drag the other team over the middle line. The parents joined in for a spirited match with the Bulldog/Rhino parents being just too much for the Yellow Jackets/Gator parents to handle! Our final activity of the day was the relay race.
By this time the students were tired from being in the sun all day and doing so much activity, but they still gave their all to make it an exciting race in both the primary and junior divisions.

As the Sports Day came to a close all teams were awarded a prize, either for perseverance, team spirit, sportsmanship, or athletics. All students worked hard to do their best and make Sports Day a fantastic event for all. A special thank you to the PTSA for the apples which the students accepted with big smiles and I’m sure enjoyed eating! Thank you to all who came out and participated and we look forward to seeing all again next year. (Mr. Berry)