Pinball Club

The final day of Pinball Club (06.28.23) was certainly a memorable one.  On this special day, teachers and assistants bravely suited up to ferociously compete against students in a series of Pinball games.  Students, with the help of Mr. Robertson, challenged Team Teachers/Assistants by making many game winning shots.  Answering the call of competition for Team Teacher/Assistants were Mr. Herbert and Mr. Soulliere, who executed countless acrobatic saves that would make Cirque du Soleil come calling.  Other notable mentions for Team Teacher/Assistants were Mr. Tang, Mr. Bentz, Ms. Eunice, Mr. Denard, Mr. Berry, Ms. Suzuki, Ms. Ai, and Mr. Lucier.  Who won at the end of the day?  Who cares?  It was just another epic day of Pinball where active fun and lots of laughs were had by all! (Mr. Lucier)