The Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium

Wow, it’s hot and humid! Most days we cannot go to the park because it is too dangerous. Thankfully we did have an opportunity to get out of the classroom for a bit this month. We went on a field trip to the Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium! We saw many types of fish! We also saw jellyfish, starfish, crabs, squids, turtles, lizards, seals, garden eels, pelicans, otters, oh my! Everyone’s favourite animals were the penguins and the many tropical, poisonous frogs. They were very colourful! Another very interesting thing we saw was a diver cleaning one of the displays from the inside. What a fun job that must be! The aquarium was a nice place to visit in the summer because we were able to stay mostly indoors. Maybe we will go again next year. (Ms. Karmen)