Boy’s Basketball Club

After a few years in the wilderness due to the coronavirus, the Columbia boys basketball program came back with a vengeance for the 2023 season. There are 43 members in the Boys basketball club Google chat group! That is a big group. Although there were some logistical challenges with those big numbers, we formed both a junior and senior team.

The junior team is made up of some of the best athletes in grade 7 and 8. Some are newcomers to the sport, while others say that  basketball is their favourite sport.  Regardless, they played some exciting games with good teamwork and some players really improved. After losing the first game of the season by a basket, the CIS junior boys team went undefeated for the rest of the short season. They played their best basketball at the ISTAA tournament, where they played their best basketball to win the Junior league championship.

The Senior team has a dedicated core group of ballers who aimed to be competitive this year while building the foundation for the next few years. With the help of basketball lifer, Hideo, who volunteered his time to teach a high tempo game, the team aimed to pull a few upsets against some experienced rivals schools who had some very tall players.  With the year-end Senior high school ISTAA tournament hosted at our home court, the senior boys won the battle of the Canadian schools and powered themselves to the semi-final game.    

All home games were streamed by a dedicated group of student volunteers, so, if  you want to see Columbia play spirited basketball against other Kanto international schools, please click on the links that were provided. Go Columbia! (Mr. Bentz)