2023.Jan CIS NEWS

Boys Volleyball

The boys tournament was played on the 20th and saw us play Canadian, KIST, DSTY (German school) and BST. The boys were the first game in the morning and played BST.They slept through the first couple of services and we found ourselves down early. The boys finally woke up and fought back but could not make it all the way back losing 25-23. The next two games saw the boys win by comfortable margins. They then met up with a tough DSTY team. The game was probably the best of the tournament and saw some good back and forth action, definitely exciting. The boys came up a little short though losing 25-23. After the round robin, we found ourselves tied for 2nd with two other teams at 2 wins and 2 losses. We entered a quick round robin that would see each team play the others to 15. We ended up playing KIST and allowed them to get out to a quick lead. The boys fought hard to get back in the game but were not able to do so, finally losing 15-13. The boys finished third in the tournament that saw DSTY take the trophy home. Ryoma was chosen the MVP of the tournament for the boys. A big thank you to our four graduating students for their dedication and help in developing a super team: Hirotaka, Hiroto, Ryoma and Jonathan. We will miss you next year. (Mr. Fleming)

Jomon Doki

The Grade 8s had an opportunity to make Jomon pots during fall term, and we fired them outside on November 25th. The weather cooperated nicely and we were able to make a large and very hot fire! This year we studied how pots were decorated in Kyushu. Several students decorated their pots with seashell patterns, and we combined those with the traditional cord markings found on pottery throughout Honshu. We also made haniwa, dogu, beads, axe heads, fish hooks, a basket and some harpoons. The Grade 8s did a great job and their work was exhibited at the Christmas Fiesta held on December 11th. (Ms. Hill)


On the morning of our last day of school in 2022, we split up into several groups and picked up garbage in the neighbourhood. After collecting lots of garbage such as empty cans,cigarette butts, plastic bottles and instant noodle containers, students played for a while in a nearby park then returned to school. In the afternoon, a dance & snack party was held at the Big Gym. Both students and teachers had a ball dancing to the music played by DJ Mr.Micheal🎵(Ms. Gomi)


Happy New Year from Kinder to all! In the last week of December we did a really fun activity.The high school art club let us join them, and they even helped us make some very special Christmas ornaments. The first step was to roll the clay. It was quite difficult as the clay was hard! Next, we pressed our hands into the clay to make handprints. This step wasn’t easy, either! We proceeded to cut off the excess clay from around our prints. Last but not least, we painted them to look like Santas! Thank you, Ms. Hill, for this fun opportunity! (Ms. Karmen)