2022. Dec CIS NEWS


This year’s Halloween event was another entertaining experience for the CIS community and friends, including GIS and Friend Kindergarten.  Students participated in scary chalk-drawing, traditional pumpkin carving, a haunting riddle challenge, and our annual Halloween Parade with a costume contest.  The results were tremendous, with some amazing ones winning prizes! Congratulations to the homerooms of Ms. Amanda (gr. 2), Mr. Lucier (gr. 5), Mr. McCallion (gr. 7), Mr. Soulliere (gr. 8), and Mr. Hagerty (gr. 12).  (Mr. Twist)

Year End Tournaments

Columbia hosted both the Senior boys and girls tournaments on November 19th and 20th. The girls tournament was played on the 19th and saw us play Canadian, KIST, KAIS and DSTY (German school) The girls played hard and won the first three games of the round robin. In the fourth game, they came up against a tough KIST team. The game went back and forth and saw some amazing rallies that saw both teams make some great plays. A few rolls went the wrong way and KIST pulled off a hard fought 29-27 victory. Done 1 set to nothing the girls needed to pull off a victory to push the championship game to a third and deciding set. However, they were unable to pull it off and lost the deciding game 25-20. The girls ended up finishing the season in second place. Tia and Yo were the MVPs of the tournament for the girls. Unfortunately this was the last league action for our five graduating team members.  A big thank you goes out to Tia, Yo, Hinano, Saya, and Sawa for all your effort and leadership that made this year a big success. We have big shoes to fill next season. (Mr. Fleming)


Our spirit theme day this semester Scrabble Day was November 25th. Students were invited to choose and wear an uppercase alphabet letter to school. It seemed like an odd theme at first until it was clear that students would be able to line up and spell all sorts of words with their friends. Some students planned ahead to spell specific words with their friends, some classes had a chance to play games and spell words and everyone had a good time sharing their favorite letters with one another. (Mr. Tang)


This term was full of fun activities and special events! The kinder students got to interact with the older students on more than one occasion. We are grateful to the older kids for always being so kind and helpful! Whether it was Halloween trick-or-treating, or Winter Fiesta song practice, or Winter Fiesta activities, the elementary and high school kids always had a few encouraging words for the little guys. The high schoolers even let kinder roast marshmallows over the fire they used for pottery! Although some of us were initially scared, in the end it was lots of fun for everyone! (Ms. Karmen)