Science Fair 2020

This year, students from grades 4 through 10 designed and tested out catapults for the 2020 Science Design Challenge. Students were divided into three divisions: elementary, junior and high school. Their catapult had to project their object a minimum distance and make use of recyclable materials. Each group also had to present their project in a slideshow by discussing certain design parameters, such as function, safety/durability, and efficiency. Two types were awarded their year for each division: one for design and performance, and the other for their presentation and communication skills.

Students had great fun trying to hit the villain targets during the catapult testing and I hope that this will inspire all students to become more interested in designing, creating and taking part in group projects in the future.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Science Design Challenge and a special thanks to all the teachers and staff for their efforts, and support to make this event a success! (Ms.Kondo)