The Ainu Cultural Exchange Centre

On January 10, the Grade 3 class took a field trip to the Ainu Cultural Exchange Centre in Okachimachi, Tokyo.
We have been studying about indigenous peoples in Social Studies, and in particular are learning about the first people of Japan, the Ainu.
During our visit to the Cultural Exchange Centre we first watched some video clips giving a history of the Ainu people and also about their language and culture. After the videos our presenter performed a song using a traditional Ainu stringed instrument called a tonkori.
The students were then invited to ask questions and there were many good inquiries made about the Ainu people and culture that led to the students learning more firsthand information directly from a person of Ainu heritage.
The final event was to try on some of the traditional clothing of the Ainu people.
The students donned traditional Ainu clothing which are robes and headscarves.
They looked fantastic! The students then enjoyed their lunches together in the conference room and got a chance to look at the exhibits.
It was a fun and educational experience learning more about the Ainu people.
(Mr. Berry)