2023 Frosty Fiesta (Elementary)

For this year’s Christmas Fiesta, CIS brought in the Christmas spirit and festive cheer through seven different Christmas songs performed by the Kinders all the way to Grade 6. There was also a closing song “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time” at the end of Fiesta performed by all the elementary students. Our Frosty Fiesta could not be carried out without the active participation of teachers and assistants who all worked hard cooperatively on delightful stage decorations, cheerful music and sound, humorous skits, and joyful movements. The elementary students had been working hard towards preparing for their Fiesta stage performances since the beginning of November.
The starting point of Frosty Fiesta came from the students during their music class time. After selecting different Christmas songs for each grade, students could choose to sing or play instruments for their performances. Even though some of the Christmas songs were not long, students gradually infused their effort and spirit towards creating bright and memorable performances.
The performances from each grade were unique with melodies of various percussion instruments and violins. Christmas music performances and skits prepared by the elementary students truly warmed our hearts and lifted our festive spirits during this cold season. CIS was dedicated to bring you a morning full of cheer and fond memories that would remain in your hearts. (Ms. Chung)