Columbia Futsal(Girls)

Simply put, the Columbia Girls soccer futsal team had an unexpectedly great season. With many competitive players graduating last year, this year’s soccer futsal club began with a group mostly made up of beginners and junior high school students. The girls have really improved over the term. At the ISTAA league U18 tournament, Columbia almost shocked the world. After round robin play, we beat last year’s champion, the British school, to make it to the final against our new (friendly) rival LFIT (the French school). CIS won this finals game 2-1! However, with a new goal differential system where the top team in group play gets one free goal, the game ended 2-2. We lost in penalty kicks 3-4. It was a Cinderella story heartbreak. The girls will be ready for revenge next year! Go Spirit Bears. (Mr. Bentz)