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Saturday School 2016

  Thank you to the many applicants to the Saturday School Program. Although the deadline for 2016 has passed, there are a few seats for K1-K3, G5 and G6 still available. When these seats are filled, applications will close for that grade.

Outline of the Saturday School
For Kindergarten 1 to Grade 6
Scheduled school days
Every Saturday from April to March
27 times (9 times/term)
School hours
9:00 a.m.-13:00 p.m.
Limited number
Kindergarten 1 to Grade 6 100 students
Class Size
10-15 students/class
Entrance fee: ¥35,000
Tuition ¥270,000 (annual) / ¥90,000 (per term)
What to study? English, World studies, Science, Computer, Math, etc.
Deadlines Applications for the 2016 school year are due by Saturday January 30th.

Saturday Program Introduction

  Please contact us for more information.

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