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Study in Canada Fairs 2019 Fall /カナダ留学フェア 2019秋

The Canadian Embassy to Japan will have the fairs at the embassy in Tokyo on Nov 15 an d16, check the link below for details and go to meet reps and ask lots of questions! For Englishhttps://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/japan-japon/study-etudie/events-evenements.aspx?lang=eng   For Japanese https://www.canada-ryugaku-fair.com/ The CIS staff will be standing by at a booth during the fairs on …

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Congratulations on your graduation! 卒業おめでとう

We are proud of you all and wish you the best at your colleges and universities. 皆さんは私たちの誇りです!みんな大学でも頑張って! Here’s a list of university destinations as of March 2015 2015年3月時点での進学先 Seneca College, Canada (セネカ・カレッジ、カナダ) Vancouver Island University, Canada(バンクーバー・アイランド大学、カナダ) Temple University Japan, Japan(テンプル大学日本校、日本) Japan College of Foreing Languages, Japan(日本外国語専門学校、日本) Hosei University, Japan(法政大学) University of British Columbia, Canada(UBCブリティッシュ・コロンビア大学、カナダ) California State …

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