Columbia Attending Rieikai Fair / 理英会新宿フェアー

Columbia International School will attend the Rieikai Fair on June 17th 2012, this Sunday!!  We hope to see all of you there and would like a chance to chat with you about all the exiting new developments at Columbia.  We will have lots of posters, fliers and handouts and it will also be a chance to get our Summer School 2012 information!!  A Columbia teacher will also be doing a demo lesson at the event.  If you would like information go here,

6月17日(日)、新宿で実施される理英会フェアにコロンビアインターナショナルスクールが出展します!コロンビアへ入学希望の皆さん、サマースクールへ参 加希望の皆さん、コロンビアのことをより深く理解する絶好のチャンスです!会場でコロンビアのイベント情報をお配りしておりますので、是非ブースにお立ち 寄りください。個別面談も可能です。さらに!!コロンビアの先生による”デモレッスン”も行う予定ですので、お楽しみに!


See you there!!

Discover Your Potential at Columbia International School

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Columbia and Habitat for Humanity Goes to Mongolia

Students are embarking on a journey of a lifetime. In July, 2012, 15 students and 3 teachers are on their way to Darkhan, Mongolia to build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Students will also have an opportunity to experience the world famous “Naadam Festival” in the capital, Ulan Bator, in addition to heading out to Terelj National Park and staying in a Ger, a traditional Mongolian house. What an opportunity!! Stay tuned for more updates.

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Columbia Attending Rieikai Fair / 理英会池袋フェアー

Columbia International School will attend the Rieikai Fair on May 13th 2012, this Sunday!!  We hope to see all of you there and would like a chance to chat with you about all the exiting new developments at Columbia.  We will have lots of posters, fliers and handouts and it will also be a chance to get our Summer School 2012 information!!  A Columbia teacher will also be doing a demo lesson at the event.  If you would like information go here,



See you there!!

Discover Your Potential at Columbia International School


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公開イベントのご案内 / Discover Your Potential at Columbia International School

News and Updates

1-     Kinder – Elementary Open Campus

Here at Columbia International School we would like to provide the highest level of customer service to prospective families.  To do this we have arranged a better format for class observation and school presentation days.  They will be held on the same day!! On June 23rd (Sat.) from 9:30am we will have regular classes that interested parents can watch just after a presentation about Columbia International School.  Visitors may register online at:
We have a very healthy amount of inquiries this year and are expecting to fill every position for next year.  Make sure to sign up and join the #1 international education choice in Saitama!


ご 入学をお考えの皆様に最適な情報提供ができる場と考えております。今までとスタイルを変更して新たな授業公開を準備しました。公開授業と説明会を同時開催 いたします。日時は2012年6月23日(土)午前9時半からです。ご入学をお考えの皆様には説明会の後に実際に行われている生の授業を見学していただき ます。おかげさまでお問い合わせも増えてまり増した。ご希望の方は早めのオンライン登録をお願いいたします。

2-     Summer Program 2012

Columbia International School’s summer school provides an excellent international experience to more than 300 student every year.  This year we are making sure each experience is special by dividing the classes even more.  The curriculum will try to match the high quality we achieved last year and with Columbia international School already receiving applications daily we are looking forward to having full classes and a packed program!  You can find information here:


コ ロンビアインターナショナルスクールでは、毎年300名以上の皆様と一緒に楽しい夏プログラムを過ごしています。今年はクラスレベルをより細かくわけて皆 さんが十分に楽しんでいただけるように工夫します。内容も昨年同様にみなさまからたくさんの支持を得られたレベルを維持する予定で、今年はすでに毎日お申 込みが届いております。みなさまのお申し込みをお待ちしています。サマープログラムの情報は次のリンクまでどうぞ。

3-     Spring Book Fair 2012

Find all your favorite titles, cherished classics and new hot picks at Columbia International School’s Book Fair.  Thousands of books to choose from and a perfect book for everyone! The Spring Book Fair is open to everyone so come on out with your family and restock your library for the Spring and Summer season.  Visit Columbia International School’s website to find access routes.  There will be shuttle bus service for those coming by public transportation.  The Spring Book Fair will be held on June 2nd from 9am to 3pm. See the flier in the links section on the right of our News page.


昔 懐かしいタイトルから最新版の書籍まで、お好きな種類の本が見つかると思います。たくさん用意されている本からきっとぴったりの本が見つかるでしょう。 ブックフェア2012は一般の方々も参加いただけるイベントです。ご家族ご近所お友達皆さんでご来校ください。お子様の夏休みの読書に十分な本を準備でき るでしょう。当校ホームページから学校アクセス情報をご覧ください。フェア当日は学校と最寄駅(JR東所沢駅)間をスクールバスでシャトル運行いたしま す。ブックフェア2012は6月2日(土)午前9時~午後3時です。

4-     English Proverb Tournament

Columbia International School has the unique honor to host a popular local event called “英語カルタ大会” which means roughly English Proverb Tournament in English, by UraUra English.  Contestants of all ages from Elementary to retirees battle it out to be the top card winner.  A lot of study goes into memorizing nearly 60 famous proverbs in the English language.  The winner is the person who reacts the fastest to touch the card that is read and in so doing collects the most cards from the pile. The event will be from 2:00pm to 4:30 on July 1st.  Find more information and compete:


UraUra English様による「英語カルタ大会」が当校にて行われます。小学生からお年寄りまで競争します。参加者は60近くの英語のことわざをしっかりと覚え て大会に挑まれるそうです。読まれたカードを一番すばやくタッチし、かつ一番多くカードを獲得した人が勝者となります。ことわざ英語カルタ大会は7月1日 午後2時から。詳しくはUraUra Englishさまホームページで。

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Summer Program 2012 Information Now Online! / サマーキャンプ2012ご案内開始

Greetings to all as the Spring weather comes and brings us some warmth after a long cold winter!!
Columbia is glad to announce that the Summer Program information is now available!  We had such a great Summer last year with improved curriculum and activities that we hope many of you join again this year.
Space is limited though so please abide by the Application deadline to ensure proper review of your child’s application to the program.
All information and applications can be found at;
If you are looking for information in Japanese please click the 日本語 button on the top left of the summer school page.




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Congratulations Graduates

Dear Graduates and Respective Families,

Congratulations on your graduation today.  You have been a very special part of our school for these past years and we are proud of each and every one of you.  As you go forth to college and University to Canada, America, England, Switzerland, Thailand and many other places we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.  We are sure that with your Columbia education, experience and your growth as individuals, you will be successful and live full, healthy and active lives in a this global community.
Please check back with us as you continue your life’s journey as we would be happy to hear from you.

Parents,  it was a pleasure having your children in Columbia and we feel that Columbia is a better place because of it.  Along the way you have always been very supportive of the school, about international education and supported your children through their many challenges.  Without your help, understanding, commitment and support we could not have done such a good job in raising and educating your children.  An old proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Thank you and best wishes.
CIS Staff





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Opening the Pre-Grade 1 Program


学校を始める時期は皆様の御子様の人生において胸がときめく瞬間です。皆様の御子様は関東地域で一流であり、既に実証されている子供中心の教育哲学を実践 しているコロンビアインターナショナルスクールのプレグレード1に入学することになります。プロ意識に徹した親切な教師陣により、御子様の一人一人が学校 生活を円滑に過ごせるように熱心に指導いたします。
プレグレード1プログラムの目標は、幼少期における学習面の基礎をきちんと確立すること、そして全ての子供達の身体的、社会的、情緒的そして認識的発達を 促進させるために安全で愛情あふれる環境の中でそれを実践することです。調査結果からもはっきりと初期段階における子供の発達は生涯の学習行動や健康の基 盤を樹立するものと証明されています。

Dear Parents and Columbia School Community,

We are pleased to announce that beginning September 3, 2012 Columbia International School will start a Pre-Grade 1 Program for 4 and 5 year old children.
Starting school is an exciting time in your child’s life. At Columbia International School, your child will be entering one of the leading international schools in the Kanto region and a school that has a proven child centered philosophy. Professional and caring teachers work hard with each individual child to ensure he or she is successful at school.
The purpose of the Pre-Grade 1 program is to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years and to do so in a safe and caring environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all children. Research strongly supports that early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning behavior, and health.
So if you want to give your child a head start to a happy, healthy and successful life please attend our information session to get more information about the exciting new Pre-Grade 1 program. The information session will be held on Saturday March 3, 2012 at 12:00. Registration is appreciated by contacting the school office at 04-2946-1911 or by E-mail at

Columbia International School

                           校長 バリー・マクリゴット
Principal Barrie McCliggott

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Happy New Year / あけましておめでとうございます

Welcome to 2012!  As we get under way with a few new students, a happy and healthy faculty and administration and a positive outlook on the coming year, we would like to share with you some of the details of the Christmas Fiesta Results!

As per the last post we had our Fiesta on December 11th.  This years theme was to “Raise Donations for Kurihara, Miyagi”.  With generous sponsors, great PTSA activities and very interactive “Christmas” themed class activities we were able to attract around 1200 guests!!
Guests enjoyed the world foods, Seibu Lions gift give-aways, PTSA Bazaar and much more.  The event was a great success in that we could send Principal Barrie McCliggott northward to Kurihara city with 805,000JPY in donations.

Congratulations to the Columbia community!!

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Halloween at CIS

CIS Halloween continued to be a fun and creative event this year. All the students, from Grade 1 to 12, as well as the parents, teachers, staff and guests were in unique costumes and all enjoyed the activities that included pumpkin carving, door decorating, costume contest, pineda event, and a student council organized arm wrestling contest. We had more than 100 guests this year and they helped make this event a special one.

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Columbia IS- October News

Upcoming Events-

On the 30th Sunday, Columbia will hold a Halloween Day at its Higashi Tokorozawa Campus!  This event is open to the public with participation limited to 50 guests.  The event starts at 10 and runs to 12:00 for the public.  If you are interested in participating please contact us at Those who register will receive more detailed information.
Tokorozawa Festival:
This year’s festival will be on the 29th and 30th.  We will have a Columbia booth, with PR activities such as bag handouts and Q & A opportunities.  Stop by the Columbia booth and say hello!!
Eiken Hosting:
On the 16th, Columbia is scheduled to host the Eiken test for First Stage testing.  This time around it is the listening and writing portions.  If you are interested, please visit the Eiken website at

Columbia Student Spotlight-

サマースクール in タイ





タイで習った豆知識  ― タイの人々における最も重要な6つの思想 ―

1.  Kreng Jai: 相手の気持ちを汲み、相手が気の進まないことを無理に尋ねたり、強要しない。また相手を困らせたり、恥をかかせたり、不快にしたり、邪魔をしたりしないように控える。

2.  Hai Kiat: 人として、他人の気持ちを尊重する。地位や能力とは関係なく、人として個々に持つ感情は守られるべきものである。

3.  Arum Aloy: 人それぞれの違いを認め、大らかに、柔軟性を持って、歩み寄りや理解を心掛ける。

4.  Nam Jai: 他人への“無償”の優しさ、思いやり、尊重。

5.  Bun Kun: 人から受けた優しさ、親切などの行為を忘れず、そしてそれに報いる。

<Nam Jai + Boon Khun>: 人への無償の愛情、親切などの行いは、巡り巡って自分に返ってくる。

6.  Sanook: タイ語で“楽しみ”の意。何事も挑戦する価値があり、何事も楽しむ感覚を持ってポジティブに取り組むことで幸せとなる。

Summer School in Thailand
This summer, 11 students (8 G6s and 3 juniors/senior) participated in an exchange program with Lertlah school in Thailand from July 2nd to 17th for 16 days. We were warmly welcomed in famous Thai fashion by all the staff and students at Lertlah school and soon felt at home.

During the first week we stayed in Bangkok and went to school in the morning and did sightseeing in the afternoon. At school CIS and Lertlah students shared their countries/cultures through research and presentations. CIS students showed off the skills they learned in their regular classes by making a wonderful presentation on the stage in front of many students and the director of Lertlah school on the last day. They all looked brave which I was happy to see, and they should be very proud of themselves. CIS students also had a chance to learn traditional Thai dance, Thai cooking, and Thai language. In the second week we traveled to Chiang Mai, a 10 hours drive north from Bangkok. In Chiang Mai we were busy sightseeing and doing activities in the morning and had lessons of Thai language, culture, and custom in the afternoon. We also rode elephants and hiked through the jungle and went river rafting on a bamboo raft. When rafting we passed by elephants bathing in the river an absolute amazing sight. It was a fantastic trip full of amazing adventures.

I was very proud to see that CIS students were quick to overcome the challenges of living in a different culture, with different customs, environment, and food. Also wherever we went people were impressed with our students’ behavior and told me “your students were wonderful”. I am very happy to experience and learn many things in Thailand with such a great group of students who were excellent student ambassadors of CIS.

Exchange programs are an excellent opportunity to meet, learn and share understanding with people from many different countries. CIS is committed to continuing to develop these opportunities for our students and hope everyone in the school community will participate actively and warmly welcome students visiting Columbia on exchange programs. Exchange programs are a great way for our students to develop into global citizens and to spread their wings around the world in the future.

Bits of knowledge that we learn in Thailand ― The 6 important ideas for Thai people ―

1.  Kreng Jai: To be considerate of others and to be reluctant to impose upon others. Others are to be taken into account, to avoid causing discomfort or inconvenience to them, to avoid interrupting or disturbing them.

2.  Hai Kiat: Respecting another person as another being with feelings. Hai Kiat ensures that no matter what level of ability or status, everyone has their feelings protected.

3.  Aloom Aloai: Being flexible compromise where compassion and understanding are important. Trying to understand others act differently and accept it.

4.  Nam Jai: to be friendly, respectful, understanding and compassionate to another without a sense that something is due in return.

5.  Boon Khun: It is important to recognize and reciprocate kindness, favors, etc. as the opportunity presents itself.

<Nam Jai + Boon Khun>: While people may freely offer to help and to do you favors without expectation of something immediate in return, it is important to acknowledge the deed and reciprocate.

6.  Sanook: means “fun” in Thai. Anything worth doing. Trying to see something positive to be happy. Approaching tasks with a sense of playfulness.

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