You can find a history of Columbia International Schools in-house Newsletter the “Magna Historia” which is released seasonally and also our PTSA crafted Newsletter that showcases the multitude of activities and accomplishments within our community.


CIS Newsletter Spring Issue 2009-2010

CIS Newsletter Fall Issue 2009-2010

CIS Newsletter Winter Issue 2009-2010

CIS Newsletter Spring Issue 2010-2011

CIS Newsletter Fall Issue 2010-2011

CIS Newsletter Winter Issue 2010-2011

CIS Newsletter Spring Issue 2011-2012

CIS Newsletter Fall Issue 2011-2012

CIS Newsletter Winter Issue 2011-2012

2010 PTSA Canada Day Newsletter

2010 PTSA Christmas Newsletter

2011 PTSA Easter Newsletter

2011-12 PTSA New Years Newsletter-English

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