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G7 and G8’s Futsal Tournament

Today during PE classes, we combined the grade 7 and grade 8 classes and played a big futsal / soccer tournament.  It is a nice chance for all the junior students to interact and get to know each other a little better.  It is also a nice way to wrap up our futsal / soccer …

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Open Campus 2019

We held our first Open Campus for 2019 this past Saturday. Our current students showcased the positive atmosphere of their learning environment. They also had a chance to have stories and advises shared from our alumni who have been successful around the globe. Thank you to the visitors who came in on the day. We …

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G8’s Field Trip to Ueno

The grade 8 class went on a trip to Ueno Zoo and the museum of Nature and Science. We had a chance to observe many animals up close and watched a couple of movies in a 360 sphere one of which was about human evolution, and the other about physical geography. After lunch the students …

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G8 and G7’s Japanese Class

 コロンビアインターナショナルスクールの中学部では、7・8年生が日本語(国語)の学習をしています。 春学期は、7年生が『野菜調べ』の単元で、好きな野菜一つについて、原産地や収穫の時期、食べる部位など細かく調べたものをポスターにしました。 8年生は、清少納言の『枕草子』を学習した後、自分流の枕草子を書き、季節ごとのイメージ写真と共にまとめました。  普段、何気なく口にしている野菜、何気なく目にしている風景や季節の移ろい、改めて見つめてみると新しい発見ばかりですね。充実した学びになりました。 Grade 7 and Grade 8 are learning Japanese at CIS. Grade 7 researched about vegetables on the internet and each student created a poster with information about the vegetable they found most interesting. Grade 8 learned about “Makura no Soshi” which is a classical literature written by Sei Shonagon. Afterwards, they wrote their own …

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World History (G12)

The Grade 12’s gave a presentation using Google Slide Show about an Empire for their World History Class. They covered Empires from around the world like the Aztecs, the Incas, the Qing, the Mughals and Ottomans. They demonstrated a lot of presentation skills as well as good research skills. 12年生の世界史の授業では、「世界の帝国/王朝」についての発表がありました。アステカ、清、オスマンなどの歴史上の帝国や王朝についてリサーチした内容を、Googleスライドショーを使って、効果的なプレゼンテーションに仕上げて各自発表をしました。

G7 & G8’s Field Trip to Showa Kinen Koen

On Thursday, May 9th, Columbia’s Junior High students headed out to Showa Memorial Park to play some disc golf and enjoy a nice day in the park.  A great time was had by all as we had good weather on the day and a delicious hamburger lunch prepared by our wonderful cafeteria staff.  The students …

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G8 Science Class

In Grade 8 Science, the students looked at samples of living organisms as well as those found in a stream near the school using a compound microscope. 8年生の理科の授業の様子です。学校の近くを流れる川からサンプルを採取し、水中に棲む生物を顕微鏡で観察しました。  

Apr 16 School Closed/ 4月16日学校臨時休校

The school is closed today on April 16, 2019 due to a fire at a factory accross the street. 本日4/16は、学校近隣の火災のため休校となりました。

New School Year!!

It’s a new school year at Columbia! Welcome back juniors and seniors! As cherry blossoms welcomed them, they’ve made a great start! Let’s make it a good one! 満開の桜に迎えられ、新年度がスタートしました!新しい仲間も加わった新年度初のアッセンブリーでは、学業優秀者の表彰式、クラブ活動の紹介などが行われました。一緒に充実した楽しい1年にしていきましょう!

Reading Awareness Month

We have been doing a lot of reading in kindergarten for Reading Awareness Month! We have been working very hard to understand the different story elements and language. It has been fun exploring different books. We even had a special treat, the principal came in to read us a special book!