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Volleyball Teams Squeak by KIST, remain unbeaten

The volleyball teams made their way down to KIST last night (October 16th) and put their league unbeaten streak on the line. The girls came out flat and fell behind early in both games. However, they fought through the early troubles and squeezed out a two set victory, 27-25 and 26 – 24. The girls …

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Diversity Park 2019

On Oct.5-6, CIS took part in Diversity Park again! Students showed great spirit of volunteerism throughout the weekend! They worked hard, and enjoyed themselves by getting involved in the activities! What a fun way to promote and experience diversity! Good job, volunteers! www.dsp-tokyo.net/ 10月5・6日、G9-G12の有志で、新宿中央公園で開催されたダイバーシティパーク2019に参加してきました。CISの参加は3年目になりますが、このイベントでは、生徒はボランティアとして様々なブースでその活動をサポートします。ダイバーシティとあるように、主に障がい者スポーツや活動への理解を深めながら、アクティビティを体験したり、他の参加者との交流をしたり、とても意義のある活動として定着しています。「疲れたけど楽しかった!」「来年も参加したい!」という充実の感想とともに、2日間の成長が感じられるイベントになりました。    

Team Game Behind Sweep of Canadian

On October 8th, both the Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball teams beat Canadian 2 sets to 0 behind strong team games. The girls’ serving was amazing and gave the Canadian team trouble the entire night. Everyone got into the game and contributed to the win. M.K. and T.F. did amazing serving and wracked up a lot …

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Girls’ Volleyball Team Squeezes by ASIJ

The Girls’ team went down to ASIJ on October 2nd to play the ASIJ JV B team. The Girls came out on fire and easily won the first set, 25 – 10. The whole team played well with good bumps, sets, hits and serves. The second set saw the girls tense up and lose 25 …

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Exciting Volleyball Match!!

 On the 30th, both the Girls’ and Boys’ were victorious in their gamesagainst KIST. The Girls started out nervous in the first game but hung tight and pulled out a first set victory. Feeling more confident in the second set, the Girls were able to defeat the KIST girls. The Girls won the game 2 …

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G9’s Ninja Show!

On Friday, G9s put on the Ninja show at the small gym. All kindergarten and elementary students concentrated on the amazing show from beginning to end.  今週金曜日、スモールジムにて9年生による忍者劇の発表会が行われました。 劇を見に来ていた子どもたちは皆、終始集中して劇を観ていました。 9年生のみなさん、素晴らしい劇をありがとうございました!

Volleyball Season Starts Off On A Winning Foot

Congratulations to both the Girls’ and Boys’ volleyball teams on their victories over Canadian on the 18th. The girls dominated Canadian and won 2 sets to 0. They also pulled out a victory in the friendly match after. The girls were led to victory by their great serving. The boys overcame a first set loss …

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G11’s Field Trip to the National Science Museum !

The Grade 11s went to the National Science Museum on Friday to see the Dinosaur Expo. We learned all about how dinosaurs had feathers and how they were very protective of their eggs. Maybe birds really are mini dinosaurs! (Ms.MacDonald) 現在国立科学博物館にて開催されている「恐竜博2019」に11年生が行ってきました。恐竜に羽毛が生えていたことや、恐竜が自分たちの卵をとても一生懸命守っていたことなどを学びました。おそらく、本当に鳥は小さな恐竜でしょう!  

Fall Term Has Started!!

Long (short?) Summer vacation is over and Fall term has started! Let’s have a wonderful term together! ようやく(あっという間に?)夏休みも終わり、秋学期が始まりました。 みんなで充実した学期を過ごしましょう!

G7 and G8’s Futsal Tournament

Today during PE classes, we combined the grade 7 and grade 8 classes and played a big futsal / soccer tournament.  It is a nice chance for all the junior students to interact and get to know each other a little better.  It is also a nice way to wrap up our futsal / soccer …

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