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World History (G12)

The Grade 12’s gave a presentation using Google Slide Show about an Empire for their World History Class. They covered Empires from around the world like the Aztecs, the Incas, the Qing, the Mughals and Ottomans. They demonstrated a lot of presentation skills as well as good research skills. 12年生の世界史の授業では、「世界の帝国/王朝」についての発表がありました。アステカ、清、オスマンなどの歴史上の帝国や王朝についてリサーチした内容を、Googleスライドショーを使って、効果的なプレゼンテーションに仕上げて各自発表をしました。

Mt. Takao Trip

This past Friday, the 17th the Grade 10 PE Class went on a hiking trip to Mt. Takao. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice cool breeze. The students hiked up to the top of Mt. Takao and then across a ridge to Mt. Kobotoke Shiroyama.  At the top the students ate their …

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New School Year!!

It’s a new school year at Columbia! Welcome back juniors and seniors! As cherry blossoms welcomed them, they’ve made a great start! Let’s make it a good one! 満開の桜に迎えられ、新年度がスタートしました!新しい仲間も加わった新年度初のアッセンブリーでは、学業優秀者の表彰式、クラブ活動の紹介などが行われました。一緒に充実した楽しい1年にしていきましょう!

Science Fair Prep

G7s and G8s are busy working on their project for the upcoming Science Fair. Many ideas and lots of hard work are put into those cardboard boxes!! We’ll see how they’ll turn out in February! 7年生と8年生は、来月のサイエンスフェアに向けて目下準備中です。大量の段ボールと格闘しながら、頭を使い、手を使い、徐々に形になってきています。さて、何が出来上がるのでしょうか!?サイエンスフェア当日のお披露目が楽しみです!

Last Day for 2018

Season’s Greetings from CIS! We have successfully finished the year 2018 with community chest donation, live music, and first screening of our drama club’s movie “Tangled”. See you all back in 2019! 2018年の授業最終日は、朝の募金活動にはじまり、生徒によるライブパフォーマンスや、ドラマクラブ制作の映画の上映会があり、特別な一日となりました。今学期も残り3か月、2019年も頑張っていきましょう!

End-of-term Bonfire!

Students were excited to wrap-up Fall term with the bonfire!  The beautiful Jomon pottery, created by Grade 8s in their art class were baked in the field today.   While waiting for the pots to warm up, we went on a quick hike in the woods to bring back sticks for the marshmallow roast. S’mores always …

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Habitat for Humanity

Every summer many CIS students go abroad to help people in need and build houses as part of their volunteer work called “Habitat for Humanity”.  The students who went to Indonesia as volunteers  in July had a briefing presentation last week. They gave wonderful presentation to the future participants! We are already looking forward to …

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Our boys and girls volleyball team have been quite busy with practices and games, home and away. Serving, blocking and smashing! Go Spirit Bears!!! ROAR!!! CISのバレーボールチームは女子男子ともに練習や試合に、忙しい毎日を送っています!GO SPIRIT BEARS!!

Getting ready for… Halloween!

It’s the creepy time of the year, and students are getting ready for the big Halloween event tomorrow! School is getting spookier and spookier each day…!!! Can’t wait to see everyone in their costumes!! 今年もこのシーズンがやってきました!校内のデコレーションも日に日に不気味さを増し、生徒たちも明日のハロウィンイベントに備えています。カービングコンテスト用のカボチャも到着し、明日になるのが楽しみです!  

Diversity Park 2018

On September 29, 27 of our students gathered at Shinjuku Central Park (Chuo Koen) as volunteers for the Diversity Park 2018. CIS students hosted a booth to speak languages around the world! Some students helped out with diversity sports booth, and  head office with the management! It was a cold rainy day, but sure was …

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