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Sep 09

The fall term has started

秋学期が始まり、2週間が過ぎました。 成長著しい中学生、夏休みに様々な経験をして 一回り大きくなった姿に逞しさを感じます。   夏の暑さも次第に和らぎ、まもなく「勉強の秋」がやってきます。 でも、ここ中学課程の教室では四季を問わず、 いつも真剣に勉学に励む生徒の姿が見られます。 休み時間には、スポーツをしたり、おしゃべりをしたり、 リラックスして過ごしています。   The fall term has started and two weeks has already gone by. The junior high school students seem to have had a lot of wonderful experiences during the summer.   It’s nice to see them working hard every day in the classroom.  They also enjoy …

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Nov 13

Field trip to Showa Kinen Park

G7 and G8 students went to Showa Kinen Park on 5th November. The weather was very nice so we saw beautiful red and yellow leaves. We played disk golf in the morning and had lunch on a large grass field. Some students could play it very well, others threw the disk into a creek, in trees …

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Oct 23

G8 SS Ancient History class

Mr.Goldie’s Grade 8 Social Studies Ancient History class did projects to help them study about ancient Egypt. Students were given free choice about what kind of project they wanted to do.  Some students chose a traditional board game, another student chose to make an informational scroll, and other students built a quiz world in the …

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Sep 11

Importance of team building

G7・G8 students did four team-building activities at the first club day. The activities were <Hula-hoop Rescue><Viking><Stepping Stones><Human knot>. The hardest one was <Stepping Stones>. In the game Stepping Stones, students tried to cross an imaginary volcano using squares of paper (stepping stones), a distance of about 15 meters!  This was tricky because someone had to …

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Jun 26

“Mouse Trap”

パラシュートを使ったチームビルディング活動、その名も「マウス・トラップ(=ネズミ捕り)」。 G7・G8の生徒たちが力を合わせて、追いかけるネコから逃げるネズミを守りました。 共に汗を流し、思いっきり笑い合ったあとには、強い絆が生まれました。   The grade 7 and 8 classes joined together for teambuilding activities during homeroom. The students played a parachute game called “Mouse Trap”. The goal was to work together to protect a mouse running under the parachute from the hunting cat on top of the parachute. They built closer relationships and had …

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Apr 13

Congratulations on your graduation! 卒業おめでとう

We are proud of you all and wish you the best at your colleges and universities. 皆さんは私たちの誇りです!みんな大学でも頑張って! Here’s a list of university destinations as of March 2015 2015年3月時点での進学先 Seneca College, Canada (セネカ・カレッジ、カナダ) Vancouver Island University, Canada(バンクーバー・アイランド大学、カナダ) Temple University Japan, Japan(テンプル大学日本校、日本) Japan College of Foreing Languages, Japan(日本外国語専門学校、日本) Hosei University, Japan(法政大学) University of British Columbia, Canada(UBCブリティッシュ・コロンビア大学、カナダ) California State …

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