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G7 Field Trip to Tama Zoo

秋晴れに恵まれた10月末、7年生はScienceの授業の一環として、多摩動物公園を訪れました。 Grade 7 students visited Tama Zoo in Hino. They learned living things in ecosystem.  

G4 students went to ORBI Yokohama

The CIS grade 4s went on a really fun field trip to the interactive ORBI Yokohama centre. ORBI is a cool place which uses video from BBC Earth and technology from Sega to shows visitors the natural world. Connected to our Natural Habitats and Communities Science unit, the students flew around the world, shook water …

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Kindergarten Fun Day

Our kindergarten went on a field trip to Maple Nursery School for a fun morning of play activities. The children had a wonderful time making new friends and playing together on the school playground.                     We are looking forward to the next time we can get together for fun …

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Elementary Field Trip

5月15日(金)に、K1~G6までの生徒は遠足に行きました。 We went on a field trip on May 15th. ここでは、小学生の写真をアップします! These pictures are elementary students. G3~G6は日和田山に登りました! Students from G3 to G6 climbed Mt.Hiwada. K1~G2はあけぼの子どもの森公園に行きました! Students from K1 to G2 went to Akebono kodomo no mori koen.   それから、巾着田にある川原で水遊びをしました。とても楽しかったです! And we played at a shallow river which was so fun!    

G10 Students Field Trip to Mt. Takao Part2

On Friday the PPL 10 class went on a hiking trip to Mount Takao.  The weather cooperated and we had nice sunny day for our hike up the mountain.  Students enjoyed hiking, talking with friends, and eating their homemade bentos (lunch).  We played a couple games after lunch and then walked back.  A big thank …

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G10 Students Field Trip to Mt. Takao

On this sunny day of May, G10 PPL-20 students are on a field trip to Mt. Takao!! Have they reached the top of the mountain yet?! Have a safe trip back to school! Pictures coming up soon!!! 5月の今日、G10のPPL-20の生徒達は高尾山に遠足へ!! もう頂上に着いているころかな?!気をつけて学校へ戻ってきてね!! 写真は後日公開です!  

Kindergarten Visit to the Fire Station

Our Kindergarten class will be exploring the theme community during the month of May, so to facilitate our learning we visited some important community helpers at our local fire station. We loved learning about fire safety and touring the station, vehicles and even timing a drill to see how quickly a firefighter can get dressed …

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