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Summer Fun! 楽しい夏休み!

Dear Parents, 保護者の皆様 We hope you are enjoying your holidays!  This is just some of the fun we are having at this year’s Summer Program 2015! 皆さん夏休みを大いに楽しんでいますか? 今年はこんな感じでコロンビアインターナショナルスクールの夏を楽しんでいます。 As always the success of the Summer Program is due to the wonderful volunteers and alumni we have each year.  The link below is the staff page of …

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G4 students went to ORBI Yokohama

The CIS grade 4s went on a really fun field trip to the interactive ORBI Yokohama centre. ORBI is a cool place which uses video from BBC Earth and technology from Sega to shows visitors the natural world. Connected to our Natural Habitats and Communities Science unit, the students flew around the world, shook water …

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Kindergarten Fun Day

Our kindergarten went on a field trip to Maple Nursery School for a fun morning of play activities. The children had a wonderful time making new friends and playing together on the school playground.                     We are looking forward to the next time we can get together for fun …

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Columbia Cup 2015

On Wednesday May 20th, our kindergarten welcomed our friends from Blue Dolphins school and had our annual Columbia Cup with a kickball tournament! It was so much fun and it ended in a tie 24 to 24. After our game we all had a picnic lunch together. We are looking forward to seeing our friends …

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English Karuta Tournament /ことわざ英語カルタ大会

Dear Columbia, コロンビアの皆様、 For the past 3 years we have hosted the English Karuta Tournament.  This year it will be held on June 28th Sunday!  We hope many children and adults get involved.  Please see the PDFs below for all the details.  Sign up is through the event organizer Uraura English. ウラウライングリッシュ主催のことわざ英語カルタ大会を今年もCISで開催します。今 年の大会は6月28日です。生徒及び保護者の皆様のご参加を快くお待ちしております。詳細に関しましては下記のPDFより確認をお願い申し上げます。参加 申し込みはイベントの主催者であるウラウライングリッシュからできますので、是非ご参加ください。 Flyer …

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Summer Program 2015 Additional /サマープログラム追加募集開始

We will have over 400 students attending our 5 week program this year!  We are starting additional applications as there are still positions available in Kinder class(K1 ~ K3), Upper Primary and older(G5 ~ G9). Applications start today and finish on June 5th.  If you haven’t applied yet do so soon.  The application is available from …

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CIS Community Involvement /生徒によるボランティア活動

Click below picture with a hyperlink to Mr. Howell’s site and find how CIS students support the community. コロンビアインターナショナルスクール生徒によるボランティア活動の一部をご紹介しております。下の写真をクリックして、ハウエル先生のウェブサイトを訪問してください。  

Christmas Fiesta 2014 クリスマス・フィエスタ2014

Columbia International School Christmas Fiesta 2014 コロンビア・インターナショナル・スクール・クリスマス・フィエスタ December 14th, Sunday 2014 2014年12月14日(日) Gate Open at 10am, Close at 2:30pm 午前10時開場、午後2時終了 No Parking Available. Please use the school bus shuttle service runs every 10 to 15 min between JR Higashi-Tokorozawa station and the school. 当日駐車場は利用できません。東所沢駅と学校間のスクールバスによる送迎をご利用ください。 Stage Performance by Elementary students 小学課程によるパフォーマンス Violine Concert by Violin Club Members with Etoile …

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