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Do you know “HOUR OF CODE” ?

G7 and G8 students tried the Hour of Code on 11th December. It’s Computer Science Education Week from December 7th to 13th. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. …

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Prep for the Fiesta

Columbia Junior High School students have been spending time after classes preparing for the Winter Fiesta! Here, students are making trivia questions for the quiz game as part of their homeroom activity: Canadian and Japanese Celebrities.  They are doing research, and collaborating using Microsoft Office 365 – Word Online, where they can all type on one …

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Jr. Sr. Photography Club

On Wednesday November 18th, the CIS Photography Club ventured to the Heirinji Zen Temple in order to enjoy the changing colours.  This trip has been held every year for the last 4 years. Mr. Twist and Mr. Mhlanga accompanied 19 Junior and Senior High students who found this an opportunity to sharpen their photography skills. …

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Field trip to Showa Kinen Park

G7 and G8 students went to Showa Kinen Park on 5th November. The weather was very nice so we saw beautiful red and yellow leaves. We played disk golf in the morning and had lunch on a large grass field. Some students could play it very well, others threw the disk into a creek, in trees …

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Prep for Halloween!

Halloween is coming very soon, and Jr& Sr students have started to decorate the entire campus! They put black paper on the walls and it will be covered with Halloween chalk drawings! もうすぐハロウィンですね!コロンビアではハロウィンの準備で生徒達は大忙しです! 壁に黒の画用紙を貼って、みんなでチョークで絵を描きます! 当日には壁はいろいろな絵で埋め尽くされます! どんなふうになるのでしょう?楽しみですね♪

G8 SS Ancient History class

Mr.Goldie’s Grade 8 Social Studies Ancient History class did projects to help them study about ancient Egypt. Students were given free choice about what kind of project they wanted to do.  Some students chose a traditional board game, another student chose to make an informational scroll, and other students built a quiz world in the …

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Learning Skills Reflections on Grade 7

Mr. Goldie’s grade 7 homeroom has started posting Learning Skills Reflections in the hallway! Every Tuesday, during homeroom, students reflect on their performance in one of the Learning Skills. Their responses are then posted on the Learning Skills Reflections bulletin board along with their photo! CIS Elementary started doing this before, and they were kind …

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Welcome back to school!!

Welcome back to school, Fall 2015!!! We welcomed more than 10 new students this term!! On last Friday, Jr. and Sr. students had an assembly introducing afternoon activity clubs. First, our principal gave a welcome back speech, then all the teachers introduced each clubs. Columbia afternoon clubs: Art Photo Comic/Anime Music Sports Drama Year Book …

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Importance of team building

G7・G8 students did four team-building activities at the first club day. The activities were <Hula-hoop Rescue><Viking><Stepping Stones><Human knot>. The hardest one was <Stepping Stones>. In the game Stepping Stones, students tried to cross an imaginary volcano using squares of paper (stepping stones), a distance of about 15 meters!  This was tricky because someone had to …

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Summer Fun!

Hello, everyone! How is your summer going!? We had a great summer school this year from July 13th-August 14th! Students enjoyed studying in the morning and fun activities afternoon. We had our famous Columbia BBQ every Friday for lunch, and this time we invited DRUM CAFE to perform amazing shows!     Thank you for …

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