Category: Kindergarten/幼稚園課程

Popcorn Harvesting

Our kinder class harvested the popcorn we planted in the Spring.  The children were very happy to see how big the plants were and enjoyed peeling all the leaves off to find the popcorn.

Summer Fun!

Hello, everyone! How is your summer going!? We had a great summer school this year from July 13th-August 14th! Students enjoyed studying in the morning and fun activities afternoon. We had our famous Columbia BBQ every Friday for lunch, and this time we invited DRUM CAFE to perform amazing shows!     Thank you for …

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Summer Fun! 楽しい夏休み!

Dear Parents, 保護者の皆様 We hope you are enjoying your holidays!  This is just some of the fun we are having at this year’s Summer Program 2015! 皆さん夏休みを大いに楽しんでいますか? 今年はこんな感じでコロンビアインターナショナルスクールの夏を楽しんでいます。 As always the success of the Summer Program is due to the wonderful volunteers and alumni we have each year.  The link below is the staff page of …

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July 2nd CANADA DAY/ 7月2日 カナダデー

CANADA DAY We had Canada day on the last day of Spring term. There was a bit of rain, but students still enjoyed our big annual event. 春学期最終日は毎年恒例のカナダデーです。 今年は天気には恵まれませんでしたが、雨にも負けず生徒達はイベントを楽しんでいました。 Huge thanks to PTSA members for bringing double dutch players. It was a great performance! ダブルダッチの選手達によるパフォーマンスです!PTSAの皆様が呼んでくださりました。ありがとうございます! Drama Club members played Sherlock Holmes. Good job everyone!! 🙂 …

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Kindergarten Fun Day

Our kindergarten went on a field trip to Maple Nursery School for a fun morning of play activities. The children had a wonderful time making new friends and playing together on the school playground.                     We are looking forward to the next time we can get together for fun …

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EPAC 2015

Our kindergarten performed “The Big Turnip” for the EPAC (English Performing Arts For Children) event.  Maple Nursery, Blue Dolphins, Yomei Preschool and Friends Kindergarten also performed. Thank you to parents, teachers and everyone who supported the students and helped to make this a wonderful experience.

Columbia Cup 2015

On Wednesday May 20th, our kindergarten welcomed our friends from Blue Dolphins school and had our annual Columbia Cup with a kickball tournament! It was so much fun and it ended in a tie 24 to 24. After our game we all had a picnic lunch together. We are looking forward to seeing our friends …

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Kindergarten Visit to the Fire Station

Our Kindergarten class will be exploring the theme community during the month of May, so to facilitate our learning we visited some important community helpers at our local fire station. We loved learning about fire safety and touring the station, vehicles and even timing a drill to see how quickly a firefighter can get dressed …

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Summer Program 2015 /サマープログラム2015

Summer Application is open for public. Apply Today! 在校生および外部正のサマープログラム 申込受付中!   Happy Lunch with new friends!! 新しいお友達と楽しくランチ!   CIS high school students volunteer and help teachers and their summer kids. The hours will be counted for their community involvement activity, one of their graduation requirements by the Ontario Ministry of Education. コロンビアの高校生たちは、ボランティア活動の一環として教師のアシスタントになります。このボランティア活動は、カナダ・オンタリオ州教育省による高校卒業資格の条件の一つである「コミュニティー活動」として認められます。   CIS high school …

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New School Year has Started! /新学年開始!

New students, welcome to Columbia International School! Returning students, welcome back to school!! 新入生入学おめでとう! 在校生のみんな、今年度もよろしく!