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G11 Science Class/11年生 理科 

Kids completed their pig dissection, which is the culminating task for their unit on animal anatomy and function. They can see that pigs are just like them inside and see the connections between the organ systems. 今週はG11の理科のクラスで豚の胎児の解剖をし、体の仕組みについて勉強しました。   Ms. MacDonald

Columbia Futsal   コロンビア フットサルチーム

  Boy’s Futsal ボーイズフットサル The boy’s played with Canadian International School yesterday, May 21st. It was a good game played by both sides, with Canadian International School coming out on top 5-3. ボーイズフットサルチームは21日、カナディアンインターナショナルスクール東京と試合を行いました! 両チームともすばらしい戦いを見せましたがコロンビアは5-3で後一歩及びませんでした・・・   Girl’s Futsal ガールズフットサル Congratulations to the girl’s futsal team for their 5-1 victory over Canadian International School! ガールズフットサルチームはカナディアンインターナショナルスクールに5-1で勝利!! すばらしい試合でした!!   Good …

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G10 Students Field Trip to Mt. Takao Part2

On Friday the PPL 10 class went on a hiking trip to Mount Takao.  The weather cooperated and we had nice sunny day for our hike up the mountain.  Students enjoyed hiking, talking with friends, and eating their homemade bentos (lunch).  We played a couple games after lunch and then walked back.  A big thank …

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G10 Students Field Trip to Mt. Takao

On this sunny day of May, G10 PPL-20 students are on a field trip to Mt. Takao!! Have they reached the top of the mountain yet?! Have a safe trip back to school! Pictures coming up soon!!! 5月の今日、G10のPPL-20の生徒達は高尾山に遠足へ!! もう頂上に着いているころかな?!気をつけて学校へ戻ってきてね!! 写真は後日公開です!  

New School Year has Started! /新学年開始!

New students, welcome to Columbia International School! Returning students, welcome back to school!! 新入生入学おめでとう! 在校生のみんな、今年度もよろしく!  

Congratulations on your graduation! 卒業おめでとう

We are proud of you all and wish you the best at your colleges and universities. 皆さんは私たちの誇りです!みんな大学でも頑張って! Here’s a list of university destinations as of March 2015 2015年3月時点での進学先 Seneca College, Canada (セネカ・カレッジ、カナダ) Vancouver Island University, Canada(バンクーバー・アイランド大学、カナダ) Temple University Japan, Japan(テンプル大学日本校、日本) Japan College of Foreing Languages, Japan(日本外国語専門学校、日本) Hosei University, Japan(法政大学) University of British Columbia, Canada(UBCブリティッシュ・コロンビア大学、カナダ) California State …

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Thank you for participants of the Science Fair 2015

Dear participants, teachers, volunteers and students,   On behalf of Columbia International School I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us the wonderful world of science. To our special guests from NASA, JAXA, Yokohama University and RIKEN, thank you for …

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Science Fair this Saturday!  2月21日のサイエンスフェアについて

We hope that there are many inquisitive minds out there ready to delve into a great science project and come join us to display your discoveries! 生徒達による様々な発見やサイエンスプロジェクトの発表があります! CIS Parents you are all welcome to join! CISの保護者の方々、ぜひご参加ください! This year’s contents are below. Special Guest Advisors: スペシャルゲスト: From RIKEN Dr. Marco Casolino From the US Embassy & …

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More Fiesta Prizes Coming!! フィエスタ賞品準備中!

Discount tickets and course vouchers for nails, By Juicy Eye   Dyson hot + cool, Shart air purifier, By Toyo Kensetsu   Coach bag, By CIS Parents   Dinner cruise tickets, By Keio Kanko   Book gift cirtificates, By CIS Parents   Elecom Keyboard, BOSE bluetooth speaker, PS4 & Vita By Kanto Build-tech     iPad …

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Christmas Fiesta 2014 クリスマス・フィエスタ2014

Columbia International School Christmas Fiesta 2014 コロンビア・インターナショナル・スクール・クリスマス・フィエスタ December 14th, Sunday 2014 2014年12月14日(日) Gate Open at 10am, Close at 2:30pm 午前10時開場、午後2時終了 No Parking Available. Please use the school bus shuttle service runs every 10 to 15 min between JR Higashi-Tokorozawa station and the school. 当日駐車場は利用できません。東所沢駅と学校間のスクールバスによる送迎をご利用ください。 Stage Performance by Elementary students 小学課程によるパフォーマンス Violine Concert by Violin Club Members with Etoile …

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