Outdoor Adventure Club – Ski Trip – Minakami

tenjin-lodgeOn February 22-24, 2013 twelve members of the Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) traveled to Minakami for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding, staying at Tenjin Lodge.  http://www.tenjinlodge.com

Gr 8 Girls Ski


The overriding theme of the weekend was the snow conditions.  There were metres of fresh powder snow awaiting us as we began the day on Saturday, February 23rd at the Hodaigi Ski Resort.  http://hodaigi.jp/

We had planned a snowshoeing tour on Sunday, February 24th but had to cancel because of the incredibly poor weather.  Sunday brought full blizzard conditions.  So, led by Keiren McNamara owner-operator of Tenjin Lodge, we traveled back to Hodaigi for a half day of skiing-snowboarding.


Tokuragawa Onsen

[Japan’s largest outdoor hotspring!]


After skiing-snowboarding we enjoyed dipping in onsen water at two different onsens.  On Saturday, Takaragawa Onsen, featuring Japan’s largest outdoor bath (rotemburo)!  It was a beautiful, traditional Japanese sight watching the snow gently fall all around.   http://www.takaragawa.com/ 



Suzumorinoyu Onsen


On Sunday, Suzumorinoyu Onsen; a more modern onsen on perfectly located near Jomokogen station where we boarded the shinkansen to return home.  http://ameblo.jp/suzumori-noyu/




Tenjin Dining


The students enjoyed a big pasta dinner on Friday evening, delicious and warm nabe prepared by Keiren’s wife, Bo McNamara as well as scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast both mornings.








The Outdoor Adventure Club is looking forward to warmer for a camping trip!  If you’re interested, check the OAC bulletin board or Mr. Goldie’s homepage on the CIS Intranet for more information.

2013-02-24 10.02.07

[Sunday, blizzard conditions!]

Gr 8 Girls Room

[Gr. 8 Girls enjoying “girls talk” in their room]

Doai Station Minakami

[Evening Activity: Doai Station – 486 steps to platform!]

Minakami 2013 Group Doai

[Evening Activity: Doai Station – 486 steps to platform!]