February 2019 archive

Reading Awareness Month

We have been doing a lot of reading in kindergarten for Reading Awareness Month! We have been working very hard to understand the different story elements and language. It has been fun exploring different books. We even had a special treat, the principal came in to read us a special book!

Ski! Ski!

On 15th Feb.  The elementary went to Saku, Nagano for ski trip. Everybody enjoyed skiing for all levels! 2月15日、小学課程で長野県の佐久に恒例のスキートリップに出かけました。習熟度別にグループに分かれ、思い思いにスキーを楽しみました!

Reading is FUN…. Reading Awareness Month has just started

Reading Awareness Month has just started today. Today our kindergarten and elementary had the event called “Big Read”, which was like book talk by teachers. Students seemed very enjoying each stories! Let’s read together! 本日から「読書月間」がスタートしました。今日は先生方が選んだ本を読み聞かせしてくださり、生徒たちは好きな本を読んでくれる先生のところに集まってお話を聞きました。楽しそうでした!さぁ、一緒にたくさんの本を読んで知らない世界を見に行こう!