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Field Trip to Okutama

What was a lovely day for Field trip! On 17th, our kindergarten and elementary went to Okutama. We enjoyed hiking, the obstacle course and playing in the river. We had a really great time together. 17日に幼稚園生と小学生は奥多摩に遠足に出かけました。好天に恵まれ5キロのハイキング、アスレチックコース、川遊びを楽しみました。

Fire Drill

Today we had a fire drill and it went smoothly. Some firefighters demonstrated us how to use fire extinguishers. Well done students!    Also we had a monthly assambly and 7 students were chosen and they got a nice prize! 今日は火災の避難訓練がありました。所沢消防署の方が消火器の使い方を指導してくださいました。また、毎月恒例の集会があり、選ばれた生徒たちはそれぞれすてきなプレゼントをもらいました。

New school year 2019 has started!

Welcome back to school!  We had a very fresh start with some new faces! Let’s have a great school year together! いよいよ新しい友達を迎えて、新しい一年が始まりました!今年も素晴らしい一年にしましょう!

Award Ceremony 2019

On 13th, we have an Award Ceremony. All students received prises like Japanese, Math whiz, English Language, Book worm, Best Attitude,  Athletic, Young Author, Creativity, Congeniality, Class Involvement, Academic Curiosity, Academic Risk Taker and Perfect Attendance.   Congratulations! They deserved it! 13日に表彰式が行われました。賞は日本語、算数名人、英語、読書家、ベスト・アティチュード、体育、ヤング・オーサー、想像力、適応性、ムードメーカー、好奇心の旺盛さ、学究心、そして皆勤賞です。どの生徒もよく頑張りました!おめでとう!

Pillar Winners and Chess Tournament

On 22ed Feb., we have a monthly assembly and here is the winners of the month! On 28th Feb., we have a whole school Chess Tournament. Everybody had an excited game! 去る22日、毎月恒例の集会が開かれ、今月も素敵なプレゼントがありました。 28日は全校チェス・トーナメントが開かれ、白熱したゲームが繰り広げられました。 小学部の優勝者は6年生でした。

Reading Awareness Month

We have been doing a lot of reading in kindergarten for Reading Awareness Month! We have been working very hard to understand the different story elements and language. It has been fun exploring different books. We even had a special treat, the principal came in to read us a special book!

Reading is FUN…. Reading Awareness Month has just started

Reading Awareness Month has just started today. Today our kindergarten and elementary had the event called “Big Read”, which was like book talk by teachers. Students seemed very enjoying each stories! Let’s read together! 本日から「読書月間」がスタートしました。今日は先生方が選んだ本を読み聞かせしてくださり、生徒たちは好きな本を読んでくれる先生のところに集まってお話を聞きました。楽しそうでした!さぁ、一緒にたくさんの本を読んで知らない世界を見に行こう!

Patterning Math!

We have been spending a lot of time working on patterns in math class. The different manipulatives were helpful for us to understand how to create patterns. This has been a very fun unit with lots of hands on learning. We made matching pattern bracelets at the end!  

Spelling Bee

Our kinder and elementary had the CIS Spelling Bee Contest today. The winner is going to the Japan Times Spelling Bee competition in March! All students have put their efforts!! Great job!! And we had an assembly on the same day. Once a month, these tickets are counted. There are 7 price winners! They got a nice present! Let’s …

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Today’s CIS elementary

Grade 6 are studying poetry. The theme is  “Autum Leaves” . Some students made autobiography. Student’s works are AWESOME! And, some students showed “New Years Resolution”. Very unique and creative! 6年生では”詩”の勉強をしています。テーマは、”秋の落ち葉”と、作者本人の自叙伝を本人の人型に書き込んだ作品です。また、新年の抱負を干支のイラストとともに作品にしたものも展示されています。どれも個性的!