January 2019 archive

Science Fair Prep

G7s and G8s are busy working on their project for the upcoming Science Fair. Many ideas and lots of hard work are put into those cardboard boxes!! We’ll see how they’ll turn out in February! 7年生と8年生は、来月のサイエンスフェアに向けて目下準備中です。大量の段ボールと格闘しながら、頭を使い、手を使い、徐々に形になってきています。さて、何が出来上がるのでしょうか!?サイエンスフェア当日のお披露目が楽しみです!

Patterning Math!

We have been spending a lot of time working on patterns in math class. The different manipulatives were helpful for us to understand how to create patterns. This has been a very fun unit with lots of hands on learning. We made matching pattern bracelets at the end!  

Spelling Bee

Our kinder and elementary had the CIS Spelling Bee Contest today. The winner is going to the Japan Times Spelling Bee competition in March! All students have put their efforts!! Great job!! And we had an assembly on the same day. Once a month, these tickets are counted. There are 7 price winners! They got a nice present! Let’s …

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Today’s CIS elementary

Grade 6 are studying poetry. The theme is  “Autum Leaves” . Some students made autobiography. Student’s works are AWESOME! And, some students showed “New Years Resolution”. Very unique and creative! 6年生では”詩”の勉強をしています。テーマは、”秋の落ち葉”と、作者本人の自叙伝を本人の人型に書き込んだ作品です。また、新年の抱負を干支のイラストとともに作品にしたものも展示されています。どれも個性的!

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year! Let’s have a great 2019 all together! あけましておめでとうございます。一緒に素晴らしい一年を送ろう!