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SciFI 2013

Welcome to this year’s event! We hope that there are many inquisitive minds out there ready to delve into a great science project and come join us to display your discoveries! This year’s contents are below.

Special Guest Advisors:


  • Dr. Marco Casolino
  • Dr. Morgan Thomas
  • Dr. Arghya Dutta
  • Dr. Ruma Mandal
From the US Embassy & National Aeronautics & Space Administration  NASA

  • Mr. Christopher Blackerby

From Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA

  • Dr. Asuka Shima

Date: 2013, October 4th (Friday) and 5th (Saturday): Saturday the 5th is the public event with guest advisers, parents and non-Columbia student presenters.


  • 10:00: Reception and Project Assembly
  • 11:00: Assembly completion and key speech
    • Columbia Principal’s Greeting
    • Presentation by Dr. Asuka Shima of JAXA
    • Presentation by Dr. Marco Casolino of RIKEN
  • 11:45: Evaluations
  • 11:45~12:00: Section-1 presents (Section-2, Lunch)(Section-3, Peer Interview)
  • 12:00~12:15: Section-2 presents (Section-3, Lunch)(Section-1, Peer Interview)
  • 12:15~12:30: Section-3 presents (Section-1, Lunch)(Section-2, Peer Interview)
  • 12:30~1:15: Advisor time: All sections
  • 1:15: Awards
  • 1:30: Vote of Thanks and Cleanup

Location: Columbia International School

Access: http://www.columbia-ca.co.jp/access_e.html

*Make sure you download the Participation Manual that is located on the home page on the bottom!